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Dibawah ini adalah pertanyaan yang paling sering ditanyakan kepada kami mengenai beberapa hal yang berhububungan dengan Inkes Sumut

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Where Can I Find Your Full Program List?

Our programs could be found on our Programs Page. We have eight very interesting programs which one of the programs is a postgraduate. For more information about them just press the button below.

Am I qualified for KIP Kuliah Merdeka?

KIP Kuliah Merdeka is our goverment program therefore you should follow the requirements accordingly. Inkes Sumut does not have the authority to decide weather  you are qualified or not to be granted with KIP Kuliah Merdeka. For more info you can press the button below.

Where can I find the Ministry of Education's version of Inkes Sumut profile?

Our Ministry of Education's version profile can be found on Pangkalan Data Pendidikan Tinggi website that will provide you almost everything about us from our address to our lecturer-students ratio that hopefully will help you understand us better.

How Much is the Program Fee?

Our tuition is vary depends on what program your are planning to take. You can find out about our Program Fee  by pressing the button below. It will direct you to our Tuition Page. 

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